Uganda Safaris

Uganda is a landlocked country in East Africa, bordered by Kenya, Sudan, Congo, Rwanda and Tanzania. Straddling the equator, much of her southern border is dominated by Lake Victoria. It is a tremendously lush country, dotted with lakes and rivers (the most famous being the Nile) and the West is fringed by the glacier-capped Ruwenzori Mountains which are known as "Mountains of the Moon". Winston Churchill referred to Uganda as the "Pearl of Africa" with its vast wilderness areas and perhaps the continent's most diverse range of Wildlife.

The country offers top wildlife destinations, fantastic adventure holidays and the best bird life anywhere. Its hidden valleys and vast grass land plains were once the stamping ground of the infamous elephant hunters. From the snow capped peaks of the Ruwenzori Mountains to the awe-inspiring spectacle of Murchison Falls, and from the Impenetrable rain forest of Bwindi to the endless horizons of the central plains, Uganda's scenic diversity and richness of the landscape compares favorably with anywhere on the African continent.

The greatest number of travelers to this East Africa country are drawn by the Mountain Gorillas for Uganda is home to one of the last outposts of these giant primates.

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